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BioShock Infinite: Levine discusses his floating world in two new gameplay clips

BioShok Infinite creator Ken Levine has given IGN the video tour treatment of his floating city of Columbia. The view from up there is rather stunning, but be wary of SPOILERS before you venture below. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

The clips are exclusive so I can't embed them here, but the first clip looks at Booker's arrival in Columbia, exploring the streets, meeting the people and giving a sense of what the city must be like to live in. It's actually quite breath-taking in parts.

Meanwhile, the second clip shows off a carnival district in Columbia, full of colourful posters, marquees and balloons. It's all rather joyous, and shows off some of the game's Vigor powers.

The first BioShock Infinite review has dropped, and the news is very positive. Check it out here.

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