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BFBC2 PC Beta stats and bug workaround revealed


Multiplay and Fileplay announced today that within the first 21-hours of the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Beta going live, 100K new accounts were created, and 10K connections per second were recorded.


Multiplay, one of the firms hosting the Beta on its European servers,  revealed it received over one million page views on its site, and its partner Fileplay handed out 10K keys in under 3-hours.

"We've never seen demand like it," says Craig Fletcher, managing director, Multiplay. "At our peak, we were connecting 10,000 people per second - and we managed the demand better than other servers, many of whom were down for hours when demand surged."

If you did not get a key, Fileplay will be handing out more soon.

Meanwhile, those playing the Beta in the UK may have noticed the client crashing to their desktop due to a bug within the source file.

DICE has said that it is aware of the problem, and to help pin point the issue, avoid the use of the browser and use the PLAY NOW button instead.

This will help the team locate the cause, as well as allow you into the Beta servers without CTD.

The Beta went live on January 27, and a demo hit XBL yesterday. PS3 gets the demo next week.

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