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Beyond: Two Souls is ten hours long

If you've watched the 35 minute clip of Beyond: Two Souls from the Tribeca Film Festival, you've seen almost 6% of the entire game.

Speaking during the game's presentation at Tribeca, Quantic Dream boss David Cage said Beyond: Two Souls is ten hours long.

Cage sounded quite confident in the estimation, which is unsurprising if Beyond: Two Souls is as cinematic and narrative-driven as previous efforts like Heavy Rain.

Interestingly, the developer said that players are more likely to finish games like Heavy Rain which are very much story-driven; 75% of players finished Heavy Rain, up from the usual 20% or so.

"Because people wanted to see the end, they wanted to know what would happen next all this was very important," he said.

So expect to plough your way through ten hous of Ellen Page when Beyond: Two Souls launches exclusively for PlayStation 3 in October.

Thanks, Gamespot.

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