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Battlefield 5: five features we want to see

Key art of Battlefield 4, with a soldier running over rain-slicked ground, tanks and ground vehicles behind him.
Image credit: DICE

Westie talks us through five must-have features for Battlefield 5.

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Westie has some ideas as to what we should hope to see in Battlefield 5.

A number of improvements were made in Battlefield 4 and the list includes a number of these features that shouldn't be left by the wayside.

Amongts Westie's picks were Bad Company 2 proportions of destruction, as opposed to Battlefield 4's 'levolution'. Dynamic destruction facilitates tactical thinking and general fun times.

Maps for specific game modes, and the battle recorder are also on his wishlist, along with the level of customisation present in Hardline.

Do any of those features resonate with you? Amidst the rumours of a World War One setting for the next game, is there anything in particular you'd like to see that would be pertinent for the period, that wasn't on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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