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Battlefield 5: fans speculate game to feature WW1, multiple time periods

Key art of Battlefield 4, with a soldier running over rain-slicked ground, tanks and ground vehicles behind him.
Image credit: DICE

As the big Battlefield reveal approaches, more and more speculation about the game's setting is building up.


DICE is due to unveil the next Battlefield game later today. Apart from this very brief teaser, the studio hasn't shown any footage or told fans what to expect.

As a result, speculation and wild interpretations are at an all-time high. In particular, fans are theorising about the period the game will be set in.

Earlier this year, a Swiss retailer listed the game as a "WW1 tactical shooter," which sparked a discussion about the first world war being a possible setting.

Many didn't think too much of it at the time, however, it seems the retailer may have been onto something, if we're interpreting this tweet correctly. The tweet in question was posted earlier by Ben Cousins, a former DICE developer. Cousins linked to the Wikipedia page for Codename Eagle, an alternate history WW1 shooter developed by Refraction Game, which later merged with DICE.

Before that, the official Battlefield Twitter gave a very specific answer to a couple of fans speculating about Battlefield 5's setting. "You'll learn whether it's set in the past in the very near future, Mars. You'd better be present for this one," read the reply.

This could indicate that Battlefield 5 would feature multiple settings, historical as well as modern and near-future. Eagle-eyed fans may have guessed from last night's short teaser that the soldier attire shown is WW2 era-appropriate.

Putting two and two together, Battlefield 5 may actually be the first game in the series to cover multiple wars, across different eras.

We'll just have to wait and see.

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