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Battlefield 4 – vehicle guide

A complete breakdown of the various vehicles and their functions in Battlefield 4.

One of the features that sets Battlefield apart from other first person shooters are the vehicles. This has never been more true than with Battlefield 4. In addition to the United States and Russian factions from Battlefield 3, the introduction of the Chinese leaves players with even more vehicle possibilities. Be it sea, air or land players have never been more capable of bringing death and destruction to the enemy.

Vehicle Class: Light Vehicles

Speed and maneuverability are two major benefits of this vehicle class. Nothing can match them in those two categories. Their downfall comes from their almost complete lack of armor and firepower. Use these speed demons in the wrong situation and you'll be re-spawning in no time.

Vehicle List

  • QUAD BIKE (All Nationalities)
  • M1161 ITV (United States)
  • VDV BUGGY (Russia)
  • LYT2021 (China)
  • PWC (All Nationalities)
  • RHIB (All Nationalities)

Vehicle Class: Armored Transports

With a little more armor and offensive power over the Light Vehicles these aren't a bad option to get from one objective to another. They are slightly slower but should provide ample protection from small arms fire. Just be aware that they are still very vulnerable to anti vehicle weapons.

Vehicle List

  • MRAP (United States)
  • SPM-3 (Russia)
  • ZFB-05 (China)

Vehicle Class: Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV)

The little brother to the Main Battle Tank, the Infantry Fighting Vehicle combines speed, armor and firepower to be one of the most devastating options on the battlefield. Use this well balanced machine to carry up to six soldiers, engage enemy vehicles or knock down buildings to dig out campers.

Vehicle List

  • LAV-25 (United States)
  • BTR-90 (Russia)
  • ZBD-09 (China)
  • AAV-7A1 AMTRAC (United States)

Vehicle Class: Main Battle Tanks (MBT)

With maximum armor and firepower the Main Battle Tank is nothing short of a game changer. In capable hands it can dominate a battlefield. With a low speed it's a great target for Support and Recon soldiers to attack it with C4. Roll with a capable crew and keep it surrounded by friendly forces if at all possible.

Vehicle List

  • M1 ABRAMS (United States)
  • T-90A (Russia)
  • Type 99 MBT (China)

Vehicle Class: Mobile AA

These vehicles have excellent armor and decent firepower. Their speed rating is low so keep this vehicle on the home half of the battlefield. Designed to keep enemy air vehicles honest, they are also capable of taking out Light Vehicles and Armored Transports.

Vehicle List

  • LAV-AD (United States)
  • 9K22 TUNGUSKA-M (Russia)
  • TYPE 95 AA (China)

Vehicle Class: Mobile Artillery

First introduced in Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, these vehicles have seen a major upgrade in their targeting systems. Capable of firing six rockets in quick succession they are perfect for softening up objectives prior to a ground assault. There is a long reload process and they are completely vulnerable at close range. Keep these close to your home base to ensure their safety.

Vehicle List

  • M142 (All Nationalities)

Vehicle Class: Attack Boats

Although water-based, these vehicles are somewhat comparable to the Infantry Fighting Vehicles in terms of statistics. Excellent firepower and armor make it an option to take on almost any vehicle no matter the terrain.

Vehicle List

  • RCB-90 (United States)
  • DV-15 (Russia/China)

Vehicle Class: Transport Helicopters

One of the most underrated vehicle classes in Battlefield 3, these choppers are capable of changing the tide of any battle. Often picked on by the awesome firepower of other air vehicles, make sure you have a couple Engineers to keep you in the skies.

Vehicle List

  • UH-1Y VENOM (United States)
  • KA-60 KASATKA (Russia)
  • Z-9 HAITUN (China)

Vehicle Class: Scout Helicopters

In the right hands this is perhaps the most devastating vehicle class in the game. Capable of eliminating both vehicles and foot mobiles alike, the Scout Helicopter is the multi-tool of Battlefield. Bring along an Engineer to handle repairs and watch your score sky rocket.

Vehicle List

  • AH-6J LITTLE BIRD (United States)
  • Z-11W (Russia/China)

Vehicle Class: Attack Helicopters

Everybody's favorite air vehicle is back in Battlefield 4. With a capable crew this vehicle has the ability to dominate any situation. A favorite target of foot mobiles with anti-air weapons, keep this death dealer on your own side of the battlefield and use its long range firepower to engage the mid field.

Vehicle List

  • AH-1Z VIPER (United States)
  • M1-28 HAVOC (Russia)
  • Z-10W (China)

Vehicle Class: Stealth Jets

Jets have now been split into two categories making the Stealth Jets the fastest vehicles in the game. With some awesome unlocks to boost its firepower it can be utilized to engage air and ground targets alike. The F-35 (United States) is also capable of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL).

Vehicle List

  • F-35 (United States)
  • SU-50 (Russia)
  • J-20 (China)

Vehicle Class: Attack Jets

Although not as fancy looking as the Stealth Jets, these bad boys were designed for close air support. They are capable of air-to-air combat but if you want the most bang for your buck, use them to pound enemy armor on the ground.

Vehicle List

  • A-10 WARTHOG (United States)
  • SU-25TM FROGFOOT (Russia)
  • Q-5 FANTAN (China)

Vehicle Class: Gunship

The Gunship, although very slow is equipped with three cannons that are capable of demolishing anything on the ground. This vehicle is very vulnerable to enemy anti-air measures but takes a huge amount of damage to destroy. Just be sure to jump out before it explodes.

Vehicle List

  • Gunship (All Nationalities)

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