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Battlefield 4 single-player walkthrough – Baku (mission 1)

Battlefield 4's single-player campaign starts here. Never get stuck with our complete walkthrough.

Battlefield 4 single-player walkthrough - Baku (mission 1)

Mission 01: Baku

Dog Tags

  • Nice Play - On a board during movement tutorial.
  • One Way Trip - Over the C4 tutorial room. Player needs to find a way to jump over the hole.
  • Sergeant Dunn - Inside the crashed helicopter on the Dunn is Down scene.


  • Unlock CZ-805: 1,500 points
  • Unlock the UTS-15: 4,000 points
  • Unlock the SVD-12: 6,000 points
  • Unlock the MP412 REX (Multiplayer): Complete Baku


As the game begins you find yourself trapped inside a vehicle which is under water. You play as Sergeant Daniel Recker, a member of Tombstone squad along with Staff Sergeant Dunn, Irish and Pac. Dunn is pinned in by the front passenger seat of the vehicle. He hands his gun to you and tells you to shoot out the window. Irish protests but you have no other options. Shoot out the window.

Reach the Safe House

You take control of Recker just shy of 14 minutes prior to the opening cut scene. You can't fire your weapon so follow the hallway and head up the stairs. When you reach the second floor take the available door on the right. Head to the only other door available to you. Feel free to take a look around the few rooms upstairs, there's no opposition. When you reach your destination Pac and Dunn will both greet you. Following the cut scene head to the Weapon Crate. You can interact with these crates to change out weapons or you can stand next to them to simply refill the ammunition on your current weapons.

Protect Irish

Once you're loaded up move into position to cover Irish. You'll have to take out two soldiers in the building on the right, two in the alley way and two taking cover behind the cars. Standard enemy kills will get you 100 points while headshots snag you an additional 25. When the engagement is over head back to the Weapon Crate and top up your ammo.

Get Out of School

Follow your squad through the hallway to where it overlooks the courtyard. Follow the onscreen instructions to mark the enemy soldiers and order your squad to engage them. Once they're down, drop to the ground floor. There's more opposition coming from the south east. Use the cover and take them down. Move into the rooms on your right for additional cover and a flank route. As you move up a third enemy squad engages you. Take them down and regroup with Tombstone.

Follow your squad and drop through the floor to be introduced to the Gadget Stash. They work similar to the Weapon Crate. Grab the C4 and M320 HE inside. Place C4 on the wall in front of you and detonate it to create an exit.

Move Towards Extraction

Follow your squad through the forest to the overlook position. A pilot by the name of Hawkins checks in with you. Take the Tactical Visor from Dunn and mark the enemy targets. Once you're done there's a Weapon Crate directly in front of you. At this point the opposition will begin engaging you. Start picking them off with headshots to earn optimal points. Take out the first wave and move up.

Reach the Factory Roof

Hawkins is now available to engage the enemy. Aim down sight and mark enemy targets. There is a cool down period after every time Hawkins engages so try to reserve her assistance for vehicles rather than individual foot mobiles. After each wave is cleared move up. Once you reach a certain point another wave will attack you. Keep using Hawkins to take out the enemy vehicles while you clean up any leftover stragglers. Head towards the objective indicated on your Mini Map until there is no more opposition.

Follow your squad through the drain pipe. Don't forget to hit up the Gadget Stash and Weapon Crate. Once you exit Hawkins lets you know that the area is too hot and she needs to pull away. Take cover just to the left and start dropping enemies. There are several waves here, including a few transport vehicles. Use your M320 HE to engage the vehicles as they pull up. Switch to your primary weapon to take down the remaining foot mobiles. If you run low on ammo there is a Weapon Crate to the west but you may face opposition attempting to reach it. Just when you think you're done, move to the south to trigger another wave of enemies coming from the entrance. Hit them with the M320 to soften them up and then finish them off with a few well placed headshots.

Move into the factory and hop into the elevator. You still maintain minimal control here but this is a largely scripted event. As you take the elevator to the top of the factory an Attack Helicopter engages you. Don't waste your ammo. Wait until the elevator stops and follow the catwalk up the stairs. Run to the other side of the building and up the rubble to the top floor. Sprint for the helicopter only to see it engaged by the enemy chopper. A cut scene shows Hawkins crash and Tombstone fall to the ground. When you regain control Dunn is pinned under some rubble. Follow the onscreen instructions to amputate what is left of Dunn's leg as the enemy Attack Helicopter returns. Hop into the vehicle and be ready to make your escape.

Reach Secondary Extraction

There's only one way to go so follow the road as instructed by Captain Garrison. After a short time the enemy chopper returns. There's no way to avoid it so continue to drive as it lines up. Irish hands you an M320. Take the chopper down to complete the mission.

The final cut scene shows Recker, Irish and Pac escaping the sinking vehicle while Captain Garrison talks to someone code named Oracle. Garrison confirms that in the event of a Chinese coup the Russians would be loyal to Admiral Chang. Oracle tells Garrison he has his orders to which Garrison responds and sets course for the east coast of China.

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