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Battlefield 3 XP loss glitch blamed on buggy FAMAS

DICE believes it has identitifed a single weapon as the cause of a frustrating Battlefield 3 bug.

The issue prevents players' statistics and experience being updated after matches.

DICE acknowledged the bug on Facebook.

"While we are working to resolve this issue we have also identified what can cause this problem to occur. This issue only affects games in which a player uses the FAMAS weapon. In any game where the FAMAS is used there is a chance that player stats and experience will not be recognized after the game," the developer wrote.

"We are temporarily recommending that players avoid using the FAMAS and spread the word to fellow players to avoid the problems this error can cause. This advisory and problem are temporary and we expect to have them soon. Thank you for your patience."

In the comments which follow players have complained that the error occurs even if they don't use the FAMAS, although there is some suggestion that the presence of any player sporting the weapon in a match will affect players who don't have it equipped.

Thanks, CVG.

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