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Battlefield 3 Aftermath: DICE teases with Mirror's Edge easter egg

Battlefield 3: Aftermath features a dinosaur easter egg, which is of course, awesome, but it also has a Mirror's Edge secret stashed on one of its many rooftops, which is, well a tad annoying frankly. Look DICE, is it getting a sequel or not?

See it below.

MP1st reports on the above image, as discovered by YouTube user xXHerseyBoyXx. It's Faith's running shoes from Mirror's Edge, and if you walk over to them, you can hear her breathing. They can be found on top of a building on the Markaz Monolith map.

Here's a video showing you how to find them:

Watch on YouTube

And here's the dinosaur easter egg:

Watch on YouTube

Are you growing impatient at DICE's lack of Mirror's Edge 2 chat? Let us know below.

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