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Battlefield 2042 infantry-only event coming next week

Battlefield 2042 is hosting an in-game event with a focus on tighter, close-quarters combat.

As suggested by leaks, the next Battlefield 2042 in-game event is just over the horizon. The Liquidators is a limited-time event that introduces a new, infantry-only mode to the game.

The Liquidators is a two-week event, kicking off October 11, and ending October 25. During it, players will be able to jump into Tactical Conquest - the new Conquest variant emphasising squad play and tight infantry combat.

There are two versions of Tactical Conquest, and each will be available for a full week. During the first week, the mode will be limited to 8v8, which expands to 16v16 the following week. It's best to think of Tactical Conquest as something like Call of Duty's Domination, except tickets are counting down instead of the score going up.

DICE prepared special variants of six maps - from All Out Warfare as well as Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 - for Tactical Conquest. They are Arica Harbor, Breakaway, Caspian Border, Discarded, Renewal, and Stranded.

If you join up, you'll earn a couple of unique log-in rewards, but you stand to unlock a lot more themed cosmetics by earning Ribbons. You get one new item at ten, 30, 60, and 100 Ribbons.

What's up for grabs.

Though this was not confirmed by DICE, Battlefield 2042 is reportedly getting a patch one day before the event starts, on October 10. We're expecting the usual run of bug fixes and balance tweaks, but we may also see the Orbital map rework as well as more Vault weapons available in All Out Warfare.

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