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Battlefield 1: Apocalypse - here's how to unlock the hidden melee weapon the Broken Bottle

Who hasn't wanted to gouge someone in the face with a broken bottle at some point in their life?

Well, you can do just that in the latest, and last, DLC drop for Battlefield 1.

This is secret Broken Bottle melee weapon included in the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC is basically a wine bottle which someone decided wasn't good enough to put on the shelf with a candle stuck in it.

Reason it's being called a secret weapon is due to the fact it's not listed in the user's customized section when ina multiplayer match.

The Broken Bottle weapon can be found in various locations on the map, and Westie is here to tell you exactly where it can be acquired.

Once you pick a wine bottle up, which isn't "broken" at that point, it is automatically added to your loadout. This means if you switch weapons, you lose it. Also, it's a one hit use, so once you make a kill with it, you'll have to find another to use. Once one is picked up from a location, it will not respawn for the rest of the round.

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The unbroken bottles are separate from the Broken Bottle melee weapon and have their own set of stats.

To unlock the Broken Bottle melee weapon, you will first need to find one that is not broken. These are scattered around the three ground maps: Passchendaele, Caporetto, and River Somme.

On the Caporetto, the first bottle can be found at the bridge near the C Flag, the second is next to the D Flag, the third is sitting on the edge of the statue neat the B Flag, and the fourth is around the back of the B Flag in front of the park bench, where you will also see an old phonograph.

Locations on the River Somme map are as follows: B Flag inside the windmill on the ground floor near the back; C Flag inside the house; last one is at the E Flag sitting at the back of the mill machinery.

Finally, on Passchendaele, five bottles are found inside the B Flag bunker: three on the green box and two on the wooden box. Another is found inside the destroyed bunker closest to the out of combat zone between the D Flag and E Flag. The last one can be found in a small trench bunker closest to the E Flag.

Now, in order to unlock the Broken Bottle melee weapon, you will need to secure five kills with the intact wine bottle.

Hopefully, you will achieve such a feat and soon be able to smash opponents with the Broken Bottle. Too bad you can't drink the wine first. Seems a waste.

Apocalypse was released for Battlefield Premium members yesterday, and everyone else can pick it up two weeks from now.

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