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Baldur's Gate 3 Omeluum: Where to find timmask spore and tongue of madness

The mysterious Omeluum needs some ingredients for an equally mysterious brew

Tav speaking to Omeluum the mind flayer in the Underdark in Baldur's Gate 3
Image credit: Larian/VG247

In the Ebonlake Grotto in Baldur's Gate 3, you meet two curious members of the Society of Brilliance, both of whom aren’t very typical members of their species.

Blurg the Hobgoblin is a powerful mage and scientist, whereas Omeluum the mind flayer doesn’t seem quite as evil as the rest you’ve met so far.

After allowing Omeluum to examine the parasite in your head, they conclude that they may be able to draw more conclusions by studying it further. However, you will need to drink a hallucinogenic concoction to aid the procedure.

To mix the brew, Omeluum needs Timmask Spores and a Tongue of Madness; two rare and potent ingredients found in the Underdark.

Here’s where to find them, as well as what happens if you drink the mixture.

Where to find Timmask Spores and the Tongue of Madness

You find both Timmask Spores and the Tongue of Madness in the Arcane Tower in the southwest corner of the Underdark.

We have a full page on how to complete it, but you can find both plants in both the middle floor of the tower and the hidden, secret basement.

Should you drink Omeluum’s potion?

While Omeluum’s intentions are earnest, the outcome of their experiment might run counter to your goals.

Rather than removing the parasite from stasis, Omeluum’s probing increases the power of the parasite, seemingly equally to if you consumed one other parasite from another source.

That’s great if you’re collecting as many as possible. Not so great if you don’t want to do that.

After the mishap though, Omeluum raises an interesting opportunity. He’s willing to sell you the ring that keeps his presence shielded from the other mind flayers, because it will stop your parasite from growing any more powerful as well.

If you want to cap off the tadpole, this is a great item to have, plus it’s pretty cheap considering he says it’s priceless.

Either way, you can either carry on your adventures with a new Illithid power or a new ring to keep them in check.

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