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Wondering what a Baldur's Gate 3/Jurassic Park crossover might look like? Check out this mod

My party, they’re...moving in herds…

A dinosaur in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: VG247/Larian/Star-EMC2

With its all-star cast, emotional storytelling, and regular sarcastic quips, Baldur's Gate 3 can sometimes feel a bit like a Hollywood film and, thanks to a new mod, you can now turn it into one. Well, sort of.

Remember Jeff Goldblum’s bare chest? Sorry, remember Dr Ian Malcolm’s bare chest? It was in Jurassic Park. A bunch of dinosaurs were also in Jurassic Park and, inspired by the film, one modder’s just added an array of new velociraptor-themed summons to the game.

The mod in question is fittingly called ‘Jurassic Gate’ and is the work of Star-EMC2, who has previously created some fresh summons for druids and sorcerers that might’ve gone off the deep end a bit. This time they’ve cooked up a “Jurassic DNA potion” that’ll allow you to “summon Jurassic beasts to rip your enemies to shreds!”.

The mod’s description features a lovely little rundown of each and every dino you should be able to magic into existence once you’ve acquired said potion - which can be found on sale at various vendors or in the game’s tutorial chest. It’s a bit like looking through the website of a cat shelter, but with several different varieties of velociraptor and sabretooth tiger, all of which have little names and bios. Their sizes in relation to the player look to have been loosely based on actual data about real world dinosaurs too, which I think is pretty cool.

Star-EMC2 has even written a D&D-ified facsimile of Jurassic Park’s plot to serve as a (fairly) lore-friendly backstory for your new powers. “John Parker Hammond "dreamed up" the idea to clone dinosaurs from preserved DNA in fossilized amber,” it reads. “He gathered a research group from many of the inhabitants of Chult to carry this dream into effect, including; Dr. Izsha Wu, a Yuan-Ti Pureblood Bio-Mage of House Extaminos and Dr. Hermaeus Lockwood, a Tsochar Fleshwarper in a human host.

“They managed to clone a prehistoric animal in 1486 DR.The bio-mages of InGen acquired Isla Sorna off the Wild Coast of Chult in 1482 DR and established a fortress on the island. The newly born dinosaurs were grown and trained on this island.”

So, you can now have a go at playing through BG3 as a Jeff Goldblum, instead of going outside. You’re welcome.

In other Baldur’s Gate 3 news, Larian recently revealed that the root cause of patch 4’s slowdown bug was players stealing lots of things and the game just sort of being unable to get over it.

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