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Baldur's Gate 3 stats: 84 million fireballs thrown, 1.24 million turned into cheese, and other fun numbers

Apparently, players are quite chatty with the deceased.

Larian Studios has released some interesting stats for Baldur's Gate 3, all of which are impressive, and a few are chuckle-worthy.

According to the studio, since the game was released in August, over 1.3 million of you have completed the game - a figure almost equal to the 1.24 million that transformed into a wheel of cheese.

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Other stats include 8196 years spent in the character creator, Gale is the most played Origin character while 94% of your created a custom character. More of you chose to play a paladin than any other character class, the barbarian was the most popular subclass, and most of you chose to play as an elf.

Two million of you survived a dinosaur attack, you pet Scratch 48.5 million times, spoke to over 113 corpses, and Shadowheart is the most popular romantic interest, with 51.3% of you reaching the final act of her romantic arc.

Check out the full stats below.

A large update was recently released for Baldur's Gate 3, and it added a playable epilogue with over 3,589 lines of dialogue, two new game modes, improved inventory access, performance improvements, many tweaks, fixes, and additions.

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