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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Tombs of the Fallen: Locations, where to start, and solutions

Loot the legendary Tombs of the Fallen

New to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are the Tombs of the Fallen, the final resting places of some of Britain’s most legendary heroes just waiting for you to loot.

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Where to find the Tombs of the Fallen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

To get started with the Tombs of the Fallen, head to the eastern side of Ravensthorpe and speak to the assembled crowd next to the animals in the water.

They’ll tell you about a mysterious symbol on the other side of the river: this is where you find the first Tomb of the Fallen.

How to complete Manius’s Sanctum in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Inside the tomb, follow the passage until you reach a cavern with two pressure plates.

On the left, climb up the ledge, pull the lever and take the device you dispense to the first pressure plate.

On the right, shoot the planks then slide the monolith onto the second pressure plate. In the main room, approach the giant tablet and take the key from the table.

Turn around and look to your right and there’s a door you can unlock.

Go through, avoid the traps and at the end of the tunnel you will find the first part of the new outfit set.

Where to find Boudicca’s Tomb of the Fallen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

To get to Boudicca’s Tomb, head to the north of East Anglia, next to Elmonham on the riverbank.

Enter the cave then follow the path until you reach the puzzle chamber.

Immediately on your left, shoot the planks then slide out the monolith onto the pressure plate.

Next, on the other side of the chamber, climb up the ledge on the left and turn the crank in front of you, then push the monolith around to the front, avoiding the traps.

Now jump across the chasm to the other part of the tomb.

On the left, run up the path and shoot the boards, then roll through the spiky passage on the other side.

Continue forward, then pull the lever in front of you to grab the pressure plate trigger.

Look to the left, then go around the back of the lever you just pulled.

Then eventually throw the pressure plate trigger over the stalagmites.

Just behind you, there’s a big stone you can slide to jump over the stalagmites and grab the pressure plate trigger again.

On the other side, look up and shoot the planks above, then stand on the crates to your right and throw the pressure plate trigger up onto the ledge.

Slide through the gap at the top, then throw the trigger over the poisonous gas cloud and leap to the other side. You can now retrace your steps to the central chamber and place the trigger on the pressure plate.

Finally, on the other side of the room, slide down the bank then pull the lever to grab the pressure plate trigger.

Slide under the gap, then sprint through the poison gas-filled passage. On the other side, follow the path up, then throw the trigger up onto the ledge when you can’t go any further.

Next, stand on the far cage and it will descend until you can jump back out into the central chamber. Go back to the right and deposit the last pressure plate trigger.

To get across the last chasm, look down into the gap and jump down to the wooden platform. Pick up the rocks and throw them off, then use the other descending platform to jump across.

In the tomb, loot the two chests then break the boxes on the right, slide under the gap, then grab the tomb fragment from the end of the passage.

Where to find Cassivellaunus’ Tomb of the Fallen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

You find Cassivellaunus’ Tomb in the northeast of Sciropscire, just south of the port on the northern border with Snotinghamscire.

Again, follow the path into the tomb, then dive into the water at the end and take command of the boat.

In the puzzle area, look to the right first and go through the crack in the wall.

On the other side, take the pressure plate trigger by pulling the lever and carefully hop out onto the floating objects in the water.

Make your way to the floating platform and set the trigger down with Triangle or Y. Shoot the hanging net, then pick the pressure plate trigger back up.

Make your way through into the second part of the puzzle until you reach another floating platform.

Set the trigger down again, then shoot the platform in front of you and continue. Follow the path up and around, then set the trigger down at the top.

Get up close to the block obstructing the exit and shoot the clasp holding it. Jump through the hole after picking up the pressure plate trigger again, then move the shelves at the bottom to get back to the central chamber.

On the other side of the tomb, run across the logs and platforms then dive into the water and swim under the tunnel on the left.

Follow the linear path through the rest of the tomb until you reach the cave with the roman statue. Go around to the right and run along the floating logs and platforms until you reach the blocked boat.

Climb the ladder in front of you, then throw two rocks onto the suspended cage in the middle of the scaffolding.

Go back down the ladder and pull the lever to grab a pressure plate trigger then set it down on the boat. Then take command of the boat and row it back into the central chamber. The last two pressure plates are much easier.

To complete the one on the right, shoot the planks under the waterfall and slide the monolith over the plate.

Then on the left, look for the waterwheel on the left-hand side of the locked door.

Hop along the line next to it and you’ll find a path through the wall which leads to a crack in the wall behind the locked door.

Shoot down the planks above you, then slide the shelves away from the door.

To unlock the door, grab the key from the ceiling by climbing one of the shelves. Now slide the monolith into the central chamber and enter the final room.

Loot the golden chest and continue through the other exit to the chamber. Take the lift up to the top, then walk the tightrope over to the over side of the cavern.

Use the zipline, but drop down half way across into the water below.

Drop down to the bottom of the cave you find yourself in, where you’ll find the second tomb fragment.

Where to find Venutius’ Tomb of the Fallen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Venutius’ Tomb is found in Eurvicscire, just north of Snotingham, to the southwest of Doncaestre.

From the entrance, continue forwards until you reach the large open puzzle chamber.

Eagle dive down from the entrance, then all the way over to the left in the icy gully.

In a side chamber, you’ll find a lever that dispenses a pressure plate trigger.

Go back to the hay you dived into, then set the trigger down and move the big stone to in front of the tilted cart.

Jump across the stone using the cart as a ramp, then hop to the left, then onto the pillar and along the rope to the next level.

Turn around and hop across the suspended platforms to the central pillar, throw the pressure plate trigger up when you can’t climb any higher, then clamber up and grab it again.

With that socketed, walk forward and shoot the boxes to slide the monolith in the middle onto the central pressure plate.

Now, shoot the clasp holding up one side of the drawbridge on the left, then go around to the other side to shoot the other one.

You’re supposed to juggle the platforms on the right to get an angle, but you can squeeze an arrow at the screenshotted location we’ve shown to skip it.

Run across the bridge, then follow the passage until you reach a locked door. Slide under the gap to the right of it, then through the hole in the wall and follow the linear path through the caves.

Once you reach the suspended platforms, quickly shoot the block barring the locked door you passed, then go back to that door and go through it.

On the other side, continue until you find one of the monoliths you use to weigh down pressure plates.

Push it until you can’t anymore then go into the room on the right. Climb up the pillar, then push the big rock onto the cage.

This opens up a path for the monolith. Push it until you can’t again, then look up and to the left for a ladder you can shoot down.

Use the monolith to climb up to the ladder and interact with the wheel to unlock the last gate. Now you can push the monolith until you reach the pressure plate in the central chamber.

Next, move onto the right-hand side, lowering the drawbridge like you did earlier.

In the icy room you find yourself in, go absolutely hog-wild and destroy all of the ice barriers around the room, grab the exploding pot from the right of the room behind the planks, then slide under the hole in the wall in the top right corner.

Use the exploding pot to open the crumbling wall on the far side of the next room, then go up the stairs on the right.

Smash the barriers in this room until you find a hole leading down under the floor.

Drop in, then follow the passage, avoiding the traps, to the key on the altar at the end.

Return to the room where you exploded the crumbling wall and open the locked door, then slide the monolith at the back all the way into the central chamber to get to the last tomb.

As you slide the monolith back, in the room with the blocks on the floor, bear left first, then go diagonally up to the right, or you’ll hit a dead end.

After you’ve looted the final tomb, follow the exit until you reach a zipline, but drop down into the cavern below instead.

On the left-hand wall, shoot the ice and inside you’ll find the final tomb fragment.

That’s everything for now - apparently you will be able to use the artifacts you found in the tombs to continue the story in a future update, but all you can do at the moment is wait for the next installment.

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