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Arcane season two gets a release window, but you'll have to wait a while longer

At least we know when it's coming back!

After a long wait, you'll have to wait even longer for Arcane season two, as Netflix confirms a November 2024 release date.

Netflix has had a whole bunch of announcements as part of its Netflix Geeked Week this week, including a Witcher anime with Geralt's long time voice actor, and a whole bunch more games. The League of Legends fans among you will likely be most excited for the small update on Arcane season two though, but unfortunately, the already mentioned November release window is all we've got. It did come with a very brief teaser trailer showing the very recognisable Jinx walking across a bridge covered in a deep red fog, but there's nothing else to go off of aside from that.

For those of you that aren't familiar with League of Legends, Arcane is an animated adaptation of the incredibly popular MOBA series, focussing on sisters Vi and Jinx who, unfortunately for them, happen to be on the opposite sides of a conflict occurring in the city of Piltover. Arcane was quite quickly deemed a hit, our own Connor and former staffer Dorrani gave the show full marks, and it even went on to win an Emmy in the Outstanding Animated Program category, the first streaming series to win the category.

A second season of Arcane was confirmed pretty shortly after its release in 2021, meaning it'll be a full three years between the release of the two seasons. We do know that both Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Purnell are back in their roles as Vi and Jinx respectively, and Katie Leung is also planned to return as Caitlyn Kiramman. Fortiche is also back as the animation studio for the second season, and of course Riot Games, developer of LoL, is returning for the project too - it would be odd if it wasn't.

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