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Twitch Prime members get two Apex Legends skins to celebrate Season 2

Now that Apex Legends Season 2 has officially kicked off, what better way to start the grind than with a new look.

Twitch has revealed the first of four cosmetic packs coming for free to Prime members in Apex Legends. The first drop is focused entirely on the new champion Wattson, and the new L-Star weapon.

If you link your Twitch Prime account to your EA account, you'll receive the Sweet Dreams skin for Wattson, and Stellar Stallion skin for the L-Star. You can head over to the official Twitch page to claim the loot, or link your accounts if you haven't already.

The next skin after that is for Bangalore, dubbed Dino Dynamo.

Season 2 of Apex Legends brings big changes to the game's Kings Canyon map, which manifests in the form of new areas, and the destruction of some old favourites. The seasonal patch also made several balance tweaks for legends as well as many of the game's weapons.

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