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Apex legends Defiance launch trailer teases a vastly damaged Olympus map

Following the narrative set up with the season 12 tease, Mad Maggie is dropped into the Apex games where some drastic damage ensues

Another day, another addition to the ongoing series of Apex Legends season 12 teases. Just now, we’ve just been treated to the cinematic launch trailer for the new season, which continues the ongoing story for Mad Maggie following the announcement trailer released earlier in the week. You can watch this new trailer embedded below!

In this trailer, we see Maggie dropped into the Apex Games on Olympus by the judge who played an antagonistic role in the previous trailer. Once on the ground, she finds her way into an underground bunker, where the mysterious character responsible for sending her to the games in the first place is found toiling away at a computer.

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Eagle-eyed Apex fans will see him engaging a program by the name of Defiance on said console - the namesake of the season - before teleporting Olympus above an as of yet unidentified city. Maggie is blamed for this of course, but there might be a good reason for that (aside from Gibraltar being a jerk). The new location Olympus seems to be floating above looks strikingly familiar to the city Mad Maggie was seen leading riots in the prior trailer.

From there, we see Maggie meet up with her (admittedly reluctant) squad, before running into Fuse for a tense showdown. Seemingly having him cornered, they both take shots at each other before the trailer cuts to black.

All in all, it seems Maggie’s struggle to stay alive, while proving her innocence in the whole Olympus debacle, will make up the narrative core of the season. Story aside, it’s great to see Olympus (considered the game’s worst map by many) getting a much needed makeover.

More details on Apex Legends: Defiance will be coming out in the near future, so keep an eye out for future updates. The new season launches February 8 on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

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