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Sad day for Apex Legends: adult film actor Johnny Sins has had his name censored in-game

A tragic day for the Apex Legends community, as one of their heroes has been torn from the Respawn's battle royale.

It’s a hard day for the Apex Legends community. Adult movie star, plumber, doctor, construction worker, and master of numerous other trades Johnny Sins has had his name censored in Apex Legends. This harrowing news was uncovered by streamer Kap3 and posted on Reddit, it seems like typing out the actors name with proper spacing and punctuation results in both words being blocked out.

Now, chat censors are important in hugely-popular multiplayer games for obvious reasons. You can’t have words that are super offensive - such as slurs - usable in a game like Apex Legends, unless you want it to become a cesspit of toxicity. However, this specific situation is a bit of a head scratcher, since while Mr. Sins is a man enveloped in subject matter that is inherently NSFW, he’s not some Voldemort-esque figure nor a person whose name or work is particularly offensive. It seems as though he’s just been shafted.

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This funnily enough isn’t the first time Johnny Sins and Apex Legends have collided. Back in Season Seven, players paid the actor on Cameo (a service that allows people to pay for personalized video messages from a wide range of celebrities) to send a message to Respawn Entertainment urging them to add and change certain aspects of the game.

This message proved to be quite funny in the eyes of the community, who saw many of their biggest criticisms voiced by the adult film star. The Cameo was eventually removed from the forum.

Zooming back to current day, many of the requests in the Cameo, such as new content and Wattson buffs, have now been added as Apex Legends looks to be in the midst of the best season it has had in some time. We may never know why the Johnny Sins name has been censored (let’s be honest, it’s almost certainly because of his career), but we can only hope he doesn’t take it too personally.

The Apex Legends community has always been known for their sense of humour, among other things. Only recently, they banded together to name the Prowler found on the Season 11 lobby screen. The most popular suggestion was Cooper, the name of Titanfall 2’s protagonist.

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