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Anthem raids will have matchmaking, loot drops can't be traded

Anthem is going to have an end-game activity similar to Destiny's raids, but unlike Bungie's shooter, BioWare's version will support matchmaking.

This detail was confirmed by Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah, who has been answering fan questions on Twitter recently.

Darrah was specifically asked about matchmaking in Anthem's version of raids, and his reply was a definitive yes. This is obviously a stark contrast to Destiny, the game it most often gets compared to.

That said, we're not yet sure if Anthem's raids will be on the same level of difficulty typically associated with Destiny raids, which is a point fans love to bring up anytime players call for matchmaking in raids.

According to Darrah, item trading between players won't be a feature in Anthem. Darrah confirmed that loot drops will be tailored - mostly - to the Javelin you're currently using. This means that you'll also be getting items for other Javelins.

Player trading is not something many games offer, with the Division being the only one of this generation's shared-world shooter to have it. Even then, players are only allowed to trade loot drops within a certain time window before items are locked to their account.

In other news, Anthem recently hit alpha stage, with BioWare now focusing on polishing the game's content and fixing any remaining bugs. For everything else we know about BioWare's next big game, hit up the Anthem hub.

Anthem is out February 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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