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Anthem: watch 8 minutes of open world gameplay

Anthem's Freeplay Expeditions is the non-restricted, open world exploration mode.

When you're not playing a mission or joining a Stronghold in Anthem, you're able to go out exploring the game's world freely. Anthem's Freeplay offers other typical mainstays such as world events, resource gathering, and even codex entries that shed more light on the game's lore.

Like Destiny, you'll be able to meet other players on their own adventures out in the world, which you can team up with to complete these world events or simply to explore.

The world also hides artefacts and loot for those willing to go off the beaten path, not to mention pathways only revealed during quests upon completing certain objectives.

The video below from IGN shows a cross section of the game's open world activities. Worth a watch if you're curious about the structure outside of story missions.

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Anthem launches February 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The first of two public demo kicks off on January 25 for pre-order players.

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