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Ant and Dec to front UK Nintendo ads


Brit TV duo Ant and Dec are to front a new Nintendo ad campaign, the company said today.

The first spots will run on October 16, and feature the pair playing Professor Layton and The Curious Village, Wii Sports Resort, and so on, with the general public.

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Ant and Dec, showbiz royalty and Britain’s most loved partnership, today announce a new relationship with Nintendo UK, in what is set to be Nintendo’s biggest ever entertainment campaign. Nintendo’s ongoing partnership with Ant and Dec will include everything from TV advertising to game development.

The pair will first hit our screens on October 16th where they’ll be doing what they do best, meeting and challenging Nintendo fans and families from across the UK. For the first time, the British public have been given the opportunity to star alongside Ant and Dec, as the real stars of the ads, following a national recruitment campaign looking for genuine fans of Nintendo titles from Professor Layton and The Curious Village to Wii Sports Resort.

As gaming fans themselves Ant and Dec will be asking the nation why they enjoy Nintendo so much - from cabbies keeping their brain active with Brain Training to women at Weight Watcher’s having fun with Wii Fit.

Self confessed fans of Guitar Hero and their DS’s, Ant and Dec are no strangers to the world of gaming and admit to recently becoming obsessed with the Nintendo DS game Rhythm Paradise which they played throughout filming Britain’s Got Talent.

Ant commented; “I have always been a massive fan of Nintendo consoles. I loved my Nintendo 64 growing up. Mario Kart 64 was my favourite, it kept Dec and I entertained for hours during the PJ and Duncan years! Even today when I play Mario Kart on my Wii, I have a lucky steering wheel at home that's only mine to use!!”

Dec added; “We’re really excited to be working with Nintendo. The TV shows we make are for the whole family to watch together, and Nintendo make games that the whole family can play together, so it’s the perfect match. The Donnelly family and I are big fans of Wii Sports and I am always challenging my nieces and nephews to games, I especially enjoy trying to get one over on them in an energetic game of baseball!”

David Yarnton, Nintendo UK’s general manager, says: “Given Ant and Dec’s popularity with everyone from grandparents to grand children and with the broad appeal of Nintendo’s products from ages five to 95, we knew they’d make the perfect partner for the brand. Nintendo has helped introduce a whole new group of people to the joys of gaming and we can’t wait to see Ant and Dec bring some of their natural charm and wit to Nintendo families up and down the country”.


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