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Binging Amazon's Fallout TV Show tonight? You can spice that up by playing wasteland cliche bingo

Annnd, there's a Vault-Tec lunch box for Lucy to fetch...BINGO!

The ghoul in the Fallout TV Show.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda/Amazon

Eek, it's just a matter of hours until Amazon's Fallout TV Show drops later today! If you're planning on watching it right away, first of all, I hope you're not at work tomorrow if you're in the UK, give that it drops at 2AM our time, and second, thanks to a member of the Fallout community, you can even play a fun little game while you binge.

Yep, we all know people like you and me who play the video games have incredibly short attention spans, so someone's nicely designed a very fitting way to keep our eyes glued to the screen, even if Walton Goggins is incapable of reaching out and dragging our faces close to the TV (I assume).

Say hello to the spoiler-free Fallout TV bingo cards Fallout content creator and streamer JessicaStar has put together. There are ten of them, and they're all chock full of classic Fallout cliches and situations the denizens of the wasteland just can't seem to avoid getting into.

As you might have guessed, the premise is simple, you and any people you might be watching with all get a card, then, if one of the things on it happens in the show as you're watching, you cross it off, until you've beaten everyone else to getting a line or a full house. If that explanation's not enough, here's a specific example.

Say Lucy, the Vault Dweller, discovers something that makes her realise that Vault-Tec might not have been up to 100% non-evil things when it created its vaults, and does so just after she meets an amusingly wacky robot guarding over a Vault-Tec lunch box. If you had bingo card number one, you'd have scored three crosses in that entire exchange.

Look, if you need tips, just ask your Grandma, though don't challenge her to a game if you don't want to lose worse than a raider bringing a sharpened pool cue to a Fat Man fight.

Oh, and, if you're one of those people who still wants to get an idea of what the show's like before you watch it, you can check out whether one of us liked it or not. Ignore the strapline that says he's already reinstalled Fallout 4, that could bear no relation to his conclusion for all you know.

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