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Alien Isolation guide: complete walkthrough, everything you need to know

It's the game Alien fans have been waiting for. And you're going to need some help.

Alien Isolation guide: complete walkthrough

Alien Isolation is here, and it's being scored as the best Alien game yet made. If you're going to make it to the final credits, you're going to need a helping hand. It's terrifying, by all accounts.

You're in serious trouble. Isolation is more akin to the first film than the action-oriented follow-up, so you can forget blasting your way out. It's you versus the toughest alien in all of aliendom against a backdrop of murderous humans and robots. If you're going to make it to the end you're going to have to dodge some merciless AI and everything future space's evil corporations are able to throw at you. Surviving Isolation won't be an easy task.

It's fine, you're saying. I'll just get the handy motion tracker out. I'll be able to see the Alien if it gets anywhere near. We're afraid not. If you look at the tracker a depth-of-field blur prevents you seeing anything else, and the tracker won't even give you the precise location of the black beast. Nor does it work if the alien's moving. This is not shooter. Get your survival horror head on.

You'll find a complete walkthrough below. Good luck. You definitely will need it.

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