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Alien Isolation guide: mission 4

Time for some sneaking.


Alien Isolation guide mission 4 - Seegson Communications - Avoid Detection

Speak with the Android, go down the stairs and to the room at the end of the corridor. Take the Motion Tracker from the desk, then check the Sevastolink Terminal, open the Utility Folder and override the door.

Exit the room, head through the door on the left, and up the stairs through the door at the top. Across the hall here is a locked door that you can open with your Maintenance Jack. Search the room for anything worthwhile then pop next door and pick up the blueprint for the Noisemaker.

Continue on through the neighbouring rooms and you’ll reach a door that you’ll have to pull a lever to open. Give it a yank, go through and take a left, ignoring the stairs for now.

Find Another Way Inside

Use the Access Tuner on the door marked ‘Maintenance’ and after you’ve had a good poke around, it’s back into the vents for you! Follow the shaft to the end to complete the objective.

Gain Access to the Elevator. Avoid Detection.

Exit the vent to find another cadaver, and pop through the door next to it. Deactivate the camera in the corridor by using Access Rewire in this room. Now head back out to the hall, past the camera, through the Comms Control door and into the elevator here.

Contact Verlaine and the Torrens

There’s a map to the right of the elevator and a save point to the left. When you’re ready, take the door next to the save point, head up the stairs and toward the No Access Sign for some loot, then onwards to the Exteral Communications area to find the External Comms Link. When you’re finished here, it’s to the vents again. This will take you to the bottom level.

Find an Alternate Communications Terminal

After you exit the shaft, go right and look for another vent in the floor to the right of the desk. You’ll want to exit the vent before it veers to the left. Avoid the androids and head through the door to Internal Communications and the Monitoring Hall.

Turn right, follow the stairs down and through the Monitoring Hall. Carry on until you reach the Human Employee Recreation room to get the next update to your objective.

Reactiveate Samuel’s Communication

In this next room, exit via the door on the left, taking care not to be seen by the damaged android behind the counter. Head left down the corridor and into the room marked ‘Internal Communications’. Make your way to the centre of the room via the stairs and slog through the 3 mini-games for your next objective.

Return Through Seegson Comms to Escape

After the cutscene, pop through the door behind and to the right of you to save your game and find an EMP. Go through to the next room and enter the vent to the left of the door here. Follow the shaft to the end, hop out, and head straight back into another shaft to the right of the door in this room. This vent will deposit you in the corridor just outside of Internal Communications.

From here, make your way up the stairs, turn right and back into the Human Employee Recreations room. There are a number of android in here so use the Motion Tracker to avoid them. Leave the room via the other door, then go back through the Monitoring Hall the way you came, up the stairs and to the Comms Control area to the left.

Continue retracing your steps, back through the vents, all the way to the elevator. Hop in and select the Comms Security Surveillance area as your next destination. This will bring you back to the corridor with the deactivated camera. We’re still going backwards (all the way to the transit we used to escape the looters at the end of mission 2 in fact), so resign yourself to squeezing into more vents as you backtrack all the way to the Maintenance Room.

There will be an android patrolling the corridor, so take care to avoid it while heading to the Human Employee Recreation room to the right. Go through here, into the hall and follow it around to the opposite door, then head to the Reception area.

Take the stairs down (passing by where you found the Motion Tracker), and go left, backtracking to the point the mission started. Use the Motion Tracker and Noisemaker to avoid and distract the androids as necessary before making a break for the elevator and taking it to the Lorenz Systech Lobby.

Take Transit to Scimed Tower

Sneak your way out of this room through the door opposite the elevator, with a ‘Transit Station’ sign above it. Go right down the corridor into the Towerlink Transit System. Pop down the stairs and go left, making your way towards Towerlink 01. The transit is already on its way so sit tight, avoiding any altercations until it arrives and whisks you away to Solomons Habitation Tower.

Upon leaving the transit, you can save your game to the left and have a nose around before boarding Towerlink 03 which will take you to Scimed Tower, completing this objective and the mission.

Head back to our Alien Isolation guide for the rest of the walkthrough.

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