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Alien Isolation guide: mission 18

Finally. You can stop now.


Alien Isolation guide mission 18 - Tomorrow, Together - Ending

Game over, man! Game over!

Initiate the Docking Procedure

The Motion Tracker will guide you to a console that won’t work unless the power is restored, so hotfoot it into the vent below the floor hatch on the right and follow the cables to a panel where you can reboot the system. Double back and use your Security Access Tuner at the console.

Activate the Guidance Systems

Whip out the Motion Tracker again and follow it to where the guidance systems are located, then use the Security Access Tuner at the appropriate terminal when presented with the option to do so.

Engage the Docking Clamp

The Motion Tracker will now lead you to a Sevastolink terminal, where you can opt to Initialise Docking Clamp from the Utility folder.

Extend the Personnel Umbilical

The Motion Tracker will lead you towards the stairs to the control room. Pop up 4 levels to reach the control room where Ripley will speak with the Torrens.

Extend the Maintenance Rig

Use the Sevastolink terminal in the control room, access the Utility folder and Extend Maintenance Rig. So far, so easy!

Get to the Airlock

Head back down the flights of stairs, then to airlock on the left. As you start to change, you’ll trigger a cutscene.

Get Back to the Airlock

You want to get yourself out of the Alien nest, pronto! Follow the only route available, staying alert because the place is crawling with Aliens. You’ll eventually reach some transit car tracks. Carefully make your way across them, taking care not to find yourself on the business end of one of the cars, and look for the Maintenance Office. Head inside and into the ventilation shaft.

Make your way around to the right and you’ll pop out in an elevator. You’ll need to climb down the elevator shaft to get out. Now head back to the airlock and try to get changed again.

Release the Torrens

Enter the airlock and take the elevator to the top level. Follow the walkway to the tram and select Use Button to get moving. When you come to a halt, exit and climb the stairs.

Prime the Release Mechanisms

At the top of the stairs, interact with each release mechanism to prime them.

Blow the Emergency Release Bolts

Now go over to the glowing mechanism on the floor and set the release bolts to Active to trigger a cutscene.

Get to the Bridge / Meet Verlaine on the Bridge

Let’s get the hell out of here! Get to the bridge, following any instructions that pop up along the way, then sit back and watch the end!

Head back to our Alien Isolation guide for the rest of the walkthrough.

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