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Alien Isolation guide: mission 17

More numbers.


Alien Isolation guide mission 17 - Desolation - Find the passcode and the Keycard

More keycards.

Restore Power to the Solomons Habitation Tower Transit

Exit the lift, head left and use the Ion Torch when prompted to go through the door. Use the Sevastolink terminal in the next room and get yet another code from the Personal folder (1851).

Go back through the door, turn right and use the code you just acquired at the door on the right that needs a code to unlock. Once you’re in, make your way to the control room and Reboot Power Systems at the terminal in here. Go back through the door, turn right (saving your progress at the save station here), then use the lever on the door to the right to open it and Initialise Transit System at the desk.

Access Spaceflight Terminal Through Habitation Area

Leave the room, turn right towards Towerlink 01, call the transit and head to Habitation Tower Upper Transit. When you reach this area, whip out the Motion Tracker to locate your next destination and take the lift to Spaceflight Terminal.

Find Alternate Route to Spaceflight Terminal

Exit the elevator and take the door to the right. Follow the corridor and enter the Canteen on the left-hand side when you come across it. Use the Sevastolink over in the right corner of the room and get another code from the Personal folder (1984). Enter the code at the glass case on the left side of the room to obtain the keycard. Now go to the middle of the room, duck under the forklift and through the door beyond.

Follow the hallway, turn left as soon as you’re able, follow it to the end, and use the Ion Torch to open the door on the right. Follow this next corridor to the end, where you’ll find a save station and a ventilation shaft that you can, and will, climb into.

In the next room, look for another keycard next to a corpse, then approach the corner of the room and use it when given the option. Retrace your steps, past the save station and Dorms and enter the Games Room. Look for the room with the air hockey table, use the lever on the door next to it and pass through.

Restart the Generator

Time to backtrack again. Isn’t this fun! Go back to where you used the keycard and restart the generator in here.

Find Alternate Route to Spaceflight Terminal

Make your way back to the door you unlocked that lead from the air hockey table room and pop into the vent here. Follow it, then go right where you’ll come out close to an elevator. Hop on and go to the Spaceflight Terminal.

Find a Way for the Torrens to Dock

Exit the lift and use the Motion Tracked to determine the direction you’re heading in next, before setting out. Go down the stairs and use the Ion Torch to open the door to Station Maintenance. Board the elevator through here and choose to go to the Tow Platform, finishing up the mission.

Head back to our Alien Isolation guide for the rest of the walkthrough.

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