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After mixed early Steam reviews, Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree has scythed back up to "mostly positive"

Difficulty discourse does dissipate, it turns out.

The Tarnished sizing up to a boss in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.
Image credit: FromSoftware

Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC got off to a tougher start than many might have predicted Steam review-wise, with the likes of complaints about the expansion's difficulty and some performance issues having earned it in an initial thumbs down from plenty of folks on PC. Now though, it's back in the "Mostly Positive" column.

If you've missed out on seeing it, first of all congrats, but second, the FromSoft community spent a lot of time debating whether Shadow of the Erdtree's initial difficulty pushed things a little bit too far, with a patch having since made things a little easier. Teamed with some frame rate problems, a fence-sitting verdict was delivered.

Now, though, as spotted by GamesRadar, the expansion's rating on Steam shows it's now floated back above the 70% positive review threshold.

So, you can now sleep at night once more, even if the DLC still has a ways to go if it's going to follow up moving from "Mixed" to "Mostly Positive" by ascending to the "Very Positive" marker the base game currently sits at, with about 89% of its reviews being people expressing their love for being slapped up by Malenia.

In line with that, odds are there are plenty of folks who've likely had their opinions on the DLC change over the past few days following that aformentioned balance patch, plus, lots of non-converts who tried getting into the game again with the DLC's arrival and weren't swayed likely left a negative review early on and have since moved on to playing somthing else, as is their right.

If FromSoft can find a way to permanently solve those frame rate issues folks have been encountering, odds are the DLC will take even more of a lurch into the positive column.

If you're still busy battling your way through Shadow of the Erdtree and need a bit of help to complete it, make sure to check out our huge array of guides that should be able to aid you regardless of what you need a hand with.

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