Epic Games unvaults fan-favourite Pump Shotgun in Fortnite – Patch Notes v9.30

By James Billcliffe
25 June 2019 16:09 GMT

Has the chosen one returned to save us from the combat, stink, ‘spolsion meta? Epic Games has unvaulted the Pump Shotgun, the fan-favourite weapon.

Players like Fortnite’s Pump Shotgun because of its high skill cap, and because there are a heck of a lot of high rate-of-fire, spammy weapons in the game – something the Pump definitely isn’t.

In the official v9.30 Patch Notes, Epic said:

“There’s been a lot of feedback around the Tactical Shotgun and Combat Shotgun effectiveness, and so we’re experimenting with a world where the Pump Shotgun joins the current shotgun lineup.”

This news joins a host of weapon tweaks and Unvaultings, including buffs to the Burst SMG, Infantry Rifle, and Minigun, nerfs to the Drum Gun, and the return of the Shockwave Grenade and Suppressed SMG.

You can read all of the changes in the full patch notes below.

Today also saw the start of Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer event, with a whole suite of new challenges. The first of which is dance at different beach parties.

Fortbyte 11 – found beneath a circling jungle parrot – also dropped.

Fortnite v9.30 Content Update patch notes


  • Revolver

Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
Fires Medium Ammo.
Holds 6 rounds.
63 / 66 damage per shot.
Headshot multiplier of 2.
Available from Floor loot, Chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Loot Carriers.

  • Vaulted

Rare Tactical Assault Rifle
With the unvaulting of the Suppressed Submachine Gun, we wanted to make sure loot distribution in this class of item was well distributed.
Impulse Grenades
Pirate Cannon

  • Unvaulted

Uncommon and Rare Pump Shotgun
Available in floor loot and Vending Machines
There’s been a lot of feedback around the Tactical Shotgun and Combat Shotgun effectiveness, and so we’re experimenting with a world where the Pump Shotgun joins the current shotgun lineup.
Shockwave Grenade
Suppressed SMG
We feel the Suppressed Submachine Gun can fill a complementary role to the Burst Submachine Gun as a viable alternative.
Common, Uncommon, and Rare Revolver

  • Weapon Changes

Tactical Shotgun
Availability from floor loot reduced from 8.19% to 5.4%
Headshot Multiplier increased from 2 to 2.25
Burst SMG
Availability adjustments
Availability from floor loot reduced from 5.03% to 3.1%
Availability from chests reduced from 18.66% to 10.32%
Balance adjustments
Base accuracy increased by 13.6%
Jumping accuracy penalty reduced from 15% to 5%
Sprinting accuracy penalty reduced from 30% to 20%
Base damage increased from 23/24/25 to 24/25/26
The Burst SMG was dropping a bit too frequently for the role it was intended to fill. Additionally, it was underperforming when compared to similar items.
SemiAuto Sniper Rifle
Availability from floor loot reduced from 0.65% to 0.44%
Availability from chests reduced from 5.1% to 3.4%
FlintKnock Pistol
Availability from floor loot reduced from 1.97% to 1.32%
Infantry Rifle
Increased the Epic and Legendary Infantry Rifle clip size from 8 to 10
Increased player damage from 18/19 to 20/21
Reduced clip size from 50 to 40
Reduced fire rate from 9 to 8
Since the unvaulting, the Drum Gun has outperformed in unintended areas. This adjustment should help create more counterplay in combat.
Heavy Assault Rifle
Increased damage from 36/38/40 to 38/40/42
The Heavy Assault Rifle usage rates aren’t quite where we’d like. This adjustment to Damage is intended to offset some of the downsides of the weapon.


Supply Llama
Increased the material count from 200 of each to 350 of each
Increased the total number of Llamas per match from 3 to 5


  • Kevin Prefabs + Galleries

Featuring a cube so cool, it even has a name!


Added 4 New Prefabs:
Kevin Lake House Island
Kevin Destroyed Cube Island
Kevin Destroyed Dino Island
Kevin Destroyed House Island
Added 11 New Galleries:
Kevin Cube Gallery
Kevin Cube Shards Prop Gallery
Kevin Island
Kevin Destroyed Island
Kevin Particle Gallery
Lake House Roof & Wall Gallery
Lake House Floor & Stair Gallery
Lake House Island Prop Gallery
Rock & Root Nature Gallery
Note: We’re aware of an issue where some of these assets will delete themselves if placed in certain ways with the Phone.

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