E3 2015: Xbox One is at its strongest since it was first revealed

Back from the brink: Microsoft finally delivers the games, services and deals Xbox One fans have been crying out for.

Xbox headlines

  • Xbox One screenshot capture teased by Microsoft boss

    Microsoft boss Phil Spencer has teased a beta image of screenshot capture on the Xbox One.

  • Four men arrested for smuggling cocaine inside original Xbox consoles

    File this under news you don’t hear about every day. Four men out of Reading, PA were arrested after supposedly having smuggled thousands of grams’ worth of cocaine inside of Xbox consoles. Not the Xbox 360, and not the Xbox One. We’re talking the Royale with Cheese-sized original Xbox. In all, Berks County police suspect […]

  • Bigby and The Wolf Among Us is coming to a store near you

    The Wolf Among Us has long since been released via digital sales, but Telltale has yet to give official word on boxed copies of the game. Retailers such as Best Buy, GameStop, and GameFly have listings for retail copies of the game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 all priced at […]

  • Phil Spencer named new head of Xbox division

    Microsoft has announced that Phil Spencer is going to take over as head of its Xbox division.

  • Fable Anniversary: "initially we wanted to remake the whole thing"

    Ten-year Fable veteran Ted Timmins discusses the acorn that grows into an oak tree, “rubbish” quests, why Fable Anniversary will never score a 10, and stepping out from Molyneux’s shadow.

  • Microsoft's IllumiRoom concept "sits on a coffee table" and could be used alongside next Xbox

    Reports suggest Microsoft’s IllumiRoom could be part of the next Xbox’s setup.

  • Wii moving to break PS2’s record, PS3 trailing like GameCube

    VentureBeat has taken a long, hard look at the numbers and rendered a verdict. The site’s startling discovery: Wii is to PS2 as PS3 is to GameCube. According to NPD data (U.S. only), Nintendo’s bid for the throne currently sits at 17.5 million units sold. At the same period during its legendary reign, Sony’s PS2 […]

  • "Xbox dad" convicted of murdering daughter

    A Philadelphia man, Anwar Salahuddin, has been convicted of murdering his 17 month-old daughter after she pulled over his “Xbox console”. He was found guilty of third-degree murder and endangering a child and now faces between 23 and 47 years in prison. As previously reported, Salahuddin stamped on the girl’s head, causing fatal injuries. Jurors […]

  • "Xbox dad" awaits verdict in infant death case

    An American man is now facing a jury’s verdict after being tried for stamping on his infant daughter’s head after she tugged “at the cord on his Xbox’s controller, knocking it over.” Anwar Salahuddin, who also uses the name Tyrone Spellman, is alleged to have stamped on the child’s head five times, causing fatal injuries. […]

  • Tea leaf hides money in Xbox

    A man grown (sort of) rich chipping consoles and flogging PSP memory cards has been collared by trading standards, who found £12,000 in cash stuffed in an Xbox and three PS2s. “I’ve heard it all now,” said Michael Rawlinson, managing director of ELSPA. “It never ceases to amaze ELSPA and its investigators the lengths criminals […]