World Of Darkness cancelled by CCP Games

World of Darkness, the MMO that was in development for what appeared to be an eternity, has been cancelled by CCP Games.

CCP headlines

  • Free respec offered for Dust 514 players

    While DUST 514, the console based MMO/FPS set in the Eve Online universe, is continuing to receive changes from CCP to its skill system based on feedback from players, some players are not happy with the effects the changes are having on their chosen skills. To help things run more smoothly CCP is offering players […]

  • EVE Online trailer chronicles universe origins, links to franchise's future

    EVE Online continues to mark its decade of existence with interesting tidbits. CCP has followed the Second Decade Collector’s Edition reveal with a trailer that outlines the universe’s conception and future.

  • EvE Online passes 500,000 subscriber milestone

    EvE Online has defied the trend of MMOs going free-to-play by smashing through the 500,000 subscriber milestone.

  • Dust 514 and EvE marketplaces will merge over time

    There are plans to merge the marketplaces from each game, but reservations from CCP and the EvE community may stall progress.

  • Dust 514: Learning all skills will take 7 years, says CCP

    Better shut the curtains, Dust 514 is going to take plenty of time to master.

  • EVE Online offers bulk subscription for first time

    EVE Online developers CCP have announced that they’ll be making their in-game subscription time available at a big discount for the first time, which is kind of significant if you play EVE.

  • Thursday Mega-Shorts: Payday dated, Trine 2 trailer, an awful lot more

    We heard you like reading every little bit of news that comes out of a Games Convention, and we wouldn’t ever think of letting you down. Here’s the news which you might want to catch up on. Make sure to put your reading glasses on, because you’re going to need them!

  • EVE Online controversy gets resolution

    EVE Online developer CCP was in hot water with its own player base over micro-transactions recently, but has found a resolution after a meeting with user representatives.

  • EVE Online protests could cost CCP $1 million

    CCP the developers behind the cult hit MMO Eve Online, have had a pretty bad week. Now estimates say they could be out over a million dollars over the outrage.

  • Dust 514 trailered; to use Move, support PS Vita

    CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson took the stage at Sony’s E3 press event to speak about Dust 514, its PS3 game which will connect with the online MMO. Turns out, it will also contain Move support as well as NGP interaction.

  • CCP details EVE Online changes and additions coming this summer with Incarna expansion

    CCP held its annual EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland today, and during the opening keynote, EVE Online designer Kristoffer “Soundwave” Touborg chatted about improvements coming to the game’s new player experience and also touched on issues concerning current players.

  • Eve Online event at PAX East

    EVE Online developer CCP has sneakily announced a player gathering at PAX East, featuring meet-and-greets with development staff and an exclusive game event.

  • Leaked World of Darkness footage comes out of Grand Masquerade convention

    CCP’s at The Grand Masquerade convention in New Orleans at the moment, and is talking about its new MMO World of Darkness, based on Vampire the Masquerade. While not much has been revealed yet, an attendee saw fit to sneaky cam some footage from the event.

  • CCP hasn't been blown up by a volcano

    Just in case you thought Icelandic developer CCP was in some kind of lava survival situation, you can stop panicking: it isn’t.

  • Eve Online: Dominion announced, coming this winter

    CCP has announced a new free expansion for Eve Online. Titled “Dominion,” it aims to spruce up the out-of-this-world MMO’s end game. “Dominion is all about ownership-how you conquer and hold space, how you hold sway over fellow capsuleers and how you wage war against any who stand in your way,” said the developer. “How […]

  • EVE reaches 45,000 users online at one time

    CCP has announced that it has reached what it consider a milestone by recording 45,186 Eve Online users playing simultaneously. “It is truly a testament to our loyal fans that 5 years into EVE’s existence we are still breaking records and more people are flying in New Eden than ever before,” said a company rep […]