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  • More Blockbuster stores expected to close in the UK

    Deloitte has said further Blockbuster store closures will occur in the UK. At present the stores closing are ones already announced, according to the administration firm, but there will be more as the administration process continues. Blockbuster went into administration in January and 160 out of 500 stores were tagged for closure, with Morrisons picking […]

  • Blockbuster closures continue as total store cull hits 324

    Blockbuster has announced the closure of 164 more UK stores, brining its entire tally to 324. The movie and game rental chain has handed the keys over to administrators Deloitte, which is now trimming the fat.

  • Retail husks: inside Edinburgh's last indie game stores

    The high street is in disarray right now with Blockbuster, HMV and Game experiencing turbulent times. VG247’s Dave Cook visits his home city’s remaining indie game stores and asks why they’ve survived.

  • Blockbuster administrator to shut 160 stores, 30% of workforce affected

    Deloitte has confirmed 160 Blockbuster stores will be closed as part of the administration process announced earlier this week.

  • Report - Up to 140 UK retailers are in "critical condition"

    Begbies Traynor, a business recovery firm, estimates that 140 UK retailers are currently in “critical condition”.

  • Game retailers would like to see releases spread out more over the year

    HMV CEO Simon Fox would like to see more game released outside of the Q4 holiday period.

  • Blockbuster announces new reward scheme, Blockbuster VIP Gamer

    Blockbuster has announced a new reward scheme which will reward gamers for “their gaming behaviour and knowledge,” and not just for “spending money.”

  • Rumour - Blockbuster UK lists 25 Wii U games

    A mix of announced and unannounced Wii U titles have shown up in what is purported to be Blockbuster UK’s internal release database.

  • Blockbuster selling Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for a fiver

    If the reviews hadn’t turned you off REORC somehow, Blockbuster is selling Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City on PS3 and 360 for £4.99. The catch? Trade either Mass Effect 3, Street Fighter x Tekken, FIFA Street or Twisted Metal. Watch some footage of it in action here. The Slant Six shooter’s out in the UK […]

  • Rumor - Blockbuster UK list has PS Vita down for October 28 release

    A Blockbuster UK flier has PS Vita down for an October 28 release in the country, if an advertisement sent in by an IGN reader is authentic. According to the listing, the handheld is also down for a release the same day in Europe. Sony told IGN Vita would get a “phased global release” this […]

  • Blockbuster files for bankruptcy in US

    Blockbuster has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US.

  • Pre-order Tekken 6 in the UK, get hats, lapel pins

    Admit it. You’ve always wanted a Tekken hat. Fortune smiles on you this morning, then, thanks to the announcement of Tekken 6’s pre-order bonuses for the UK. For the early fight adopters in the audience, Game has special collector cards (PS3, 360); HMV has t-shirts (PS3, 360); has lapel pins (PS3, 360); Blockbuster has […]

  • Blockbuster to close up to 960 stores by 2010 year-end

    Blockbusters is to close between 810-960 stores, the company confirmed in an SEC filing yesterday, in an effort “to improve four-wall profitability.” The games and video retailer will close the stores by the end of 2010. It’s not all bad, though. Sort of. “All these stores are candidate stores,” said spokesperson Randy Hargrove. “Although we […]

  • Blockbuster adding game rentals to Total Access service

    Blockbuster is to add game rentals to its Total Access online service. The service will be in testing until it goes live sometime in July, although this all may be too little too late: competitor Netflix gained 718,000 subscribers in the last quarter alone. More through here.

  • US PS3 pre-pay cards hit Blockbuster

    According to this US PS Blog, you can now buy PlayStation 3 pre-pay cards in Blockbuster. There’s a video after the break of a man actually walking into a Blockbuster and actually picking some up. Actually watch it.

  • Blockbuster, 7-Eleven and Riteaid get PSN cards in September

    According to this US PS Blog post, Blockbuster, 7-Eleven and Riteaid will all be stocked with PSN cards as of September. The news comes after it was rumoured tonight that GameStop won’t be stocking the cards until next year. More through the link.

  • Rumour: 60Gb 360 in US in October says leaked retailer email

    According to this Xbox Family piece, an email is being sent to GameStop and Blockbuster buyers saying a 60Gb Xbox 360 will be introduced in October or early November. With the introduction of the 60GB Pro console in July, we have research that suggests it is very important to have a 60GB stand alone Hard […]

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