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  • Blockbuster adding game rentals to Total Access service

    Blockbuster is to add game rentals to its Total Access online service. The service will be in testing until it goes live sometime in July, although this all may be too little too late: competitor Netflix gained 718,000 subscribers in the last quarter alone. More through here.

  • US PS3 pre-pay cards hit Blockbuster

    According to this US PS Blog, you can now buy PlayStation 3 pre-pay cards in Blockbuster. There’s a video after the break of a man actually walking into a Blockbuster and actually picking some up. Actually watch it.

  • Blockbuster, 7-Eleven and Riteaid get PSN cards in September

    According to this US PS Blog post, Blockbuster, 7-Eleven and Riteaid will all be stocked with PSN cards as of September. The news comes after it was rumoured tonight that GameStop won’t be stocking the cards until next year. More through the link.

  • Rumour: 60Gb 360 in US in October says leaked retailer email

    According to this Xbox Family piece, an email is being sent to GameStop and Blockbuster buyers saying a 60Gb Xbox 360 will be introduced in October or early November. With the introduction of the 60GB Pro console in July, we have research that suggests it is very important to have a 60GB stand alone Hard […]

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