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Zombies have broken into Call of Duty: Warzone's Prison

The undead threat has seemingly moved on from the shipwreck area.

The zombie horde is now hanging out in the Prison in Call of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk.

In a post on the game's website, the fictional Armistice Central Command warns that zombies have moved east of the crashed ship Vodianoy to the Zordaya Prison Complex and its surrounding area. Meanwhile, a tweet from the Call of Duty account says the prison is a "confirmed hotspot" and a post from Warzone developer Raven Software shows a zombie horde doing undead stuff at the complex.

"You are recommended to exercise extreme caution: Reconnoitering within these newly confirmed anomalous zones may result in additional conflict, as speculative reports indicate secondary forces of unknown origin now residing both within the Prison Complex as well as the fully compromised Shipwreck points of interest," the post on the COD website said.

"Hostile forces are described as withered, exhibiting a cadaverous appearance, and lacking in contrastive cognizant function. Should you encounter these anomalous hostiles, no quarter should be given. Subsequently, a fighting withdrawal, immediate exfil and subsequent fumigation is recommended."

Speculation that zombies could be coming to Warzone appeared in February following some new additions to the map, before their presence was confirmed days later by new calling cards. The undead then became a threat on the Verdansk map thanks the aforementioned Vodianoy crashing on the coast.

Though players believed the zombie tide would slowly take over the map, they appear to have instead just moved house.

There are also rumours that the Verdansk map is going to be nuked at the end of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 2, seemingly due to a new 'Plague' event. That seems to hint at the Zombie hoard overrunning the island leaving the powers that be no choice but to nuke it.

We're sure there'll be no nasty side effects of nuking a load of zombies.

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