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Zombies are popping up in Red Dead Online

If an animated, skinned zombie cat wasn't enough of a scare, more zombies are showing up in Red Dead Online.

Many Red Dead Online players have come across zombies in the game, leading many to believe Rockstar Games has something in store for folks on Halloween. Or, new content similar to Red Dead Nightmare.

What seems to be happening, is dead bodies aren't quiet dead yet.

Last week, it was that poor mountain lion and a pile of skinned, dead horses - both of which were a bug - but this week it's actual humans. Although they aren't skinned, they are pallid in color and their eyes seem to have a colored sheen reminiscent of a zombie.

Players who have run into the undead have posted their findings on reddit and all occurrences seem to take place around Armadillo (thanks, Games Radar). This one shows a dead man standing, another corpse was also found standing , and then there's this instance of a lady with scary green eyes. Some have been found  prone on the ground , and one even moved its mouth as though it wanted to talk. Or moan. Zombies tend to moan after all.

It's also possible these instances are bugs introduced with the Red Dead Online summer update. While plausible, it seems to us at least, there are too many instances of glowing green eyes to pass it off as a bug. Then again, we don't know what goes on behind closed doors at Rockstar, so for the time being, just consider it something fun until we know what's really happening.

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