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Zeratul banned during Heroes of the Storm EU Qualifiers

A huge exploit has seen Zeratul banned from use in a professional Heroes of the Storm tournament.

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The exploit (seen in the video above) allowed players to move much faster than usual, creating balance issues that saw the Protoss assassin gain huge amounts of ground without a sufficient trade-off. The exploit could be triggered by using the move Shadow Assault, then changing target at a certain point during the character's charge forward.

Fans of the character can rest easy though, as a Blizzard representative, speaking to Kotaku, assured fans that the ban was temporary:

"We did identify an issue that allowed Zeratul to travel much farther than intended while using Shadow Assault, which will be hotfixed today. Due to this, Zeratul was only banned from today’s EU Qualifiers event, but will not be banned from other eSports tournaments."

Still, this is a good reminder of how hard developers work to maintain balance in their eSports titles.

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