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YouTuber NepentheZ pleads guilty to FUT gambling charges, faces potential prison time and thousands in fines

The scandal continues as YouTubers plead guilty to charges.

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Last year there was a bit of a hooha revolving around YouTubers promoting gambling websites that they had financial stakes in, and omitting that connection to viewers. In the more severe cases, it's alleged that their odds were rigged for their videos.

Amidst the kerfuffle, you may recall a couple of UK YouTubers who were charged with promoting a lottery and unlawful gambling in relation to FIFA 17 Match Coins.

The BBC has reported that Craig Douglas a.k.a. Nepenthez and his business partner Dylan Rigby changed their plea to guilty, with Douglas admitting to the charge of "being an officer of a firm that provided facilities for gambling without an operating licence, and a further offence relating to the advertising of unlawful gambling."

Rigby pleaded guilty to advertising illegal gambling, and two charges connected to "the provision of facilities for gambling."

PCGamesN points out the pair could face up to 51 weeks in prison and a fine of £1,000 - £5,000 per charge.

The Gambling Commission told the website that sentencing would take place tomorrow morning.

Are you pleased to see courts taking a firm stance on incidents like these and cracking down on these kinds of practices? Or do you think that jail time is too severe of a punishment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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