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FIFA 17 is now available for EA Access and Origin Access subscribers on Xbox One, PC

EA Access and Origin Access members can download and play FIFA 17 from today.

fifa 17 juv-pogba-lg

As previously reported, subscribers of both services are able to play the standard edition of FIFA 17 to their heart's content.

Origin users can find out more through the official website, and Xbox One users who use the EA Access service, should head through here.

And don't forget about other titles coming to the Vault from now through June. These include Dragon Age: Origins and Medal of Honor: Airborne for EA Access on Xbox One.

Origin Access users will also be able to play around with Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection, which includes 17 Command & Conquer titles. Right now, the collection will run you $19.99, so wait a bit until it's placed in The Vault.

PC players will also be able download well-received indie titles Hacknet, Orwell and Pony Island.

Hacknet is a computer hacking simulation game from Australian studio Team Fractal Alligator; Orwell is a simulation game developed by Osmotic; and Pony Island is a meta-fictional game from Daniel Mullins. No, the game isn't about cute ponies running around an island, but a possessed arcade cabinet. It kind of messes with you a bit, honestly.

EA Access and Origin Access subscriptions will run you $4.99 per month or $29.99 annually.

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