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You'll need loads of ammo for Akrid X boss in Lost Planet 2


Capcom demoed a massive four-player co-op battle for Lost Planet 2 yesterday at CES, showing how the Akrid X boss at the end of the second episode will give you a run for your money.

In the game, the Akrid X is a creature your team watches come in from outer space; it resembles a dinosaur with volcano-ish tentacles erupting as you harm its weak points with bullets.

It doesn't looks as though much strategy will come into play with it, other than switching weapons. All you need to do is unload all the ammo you can muster, and try not to get killed.

1UP has some videos of the demo through here, and the last video is quite funny. You should have a watch.

Games out in Q1 fiscal 2010 by Capcom for PS3 and 360.

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