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Volition: "Logically assume" more SR pending 3's success

Want to see more Saints Row beyond 3? It's plain obvious: go and buy The Third.

A success with Saints Row: The Third, which released in the US today, will bring more from the series, Volition lead designer Scott Phillips has told VG247.

THQ core boss Danny Bilson has already suggested that the Chicago-based studio is already working on a fourth game in some form. But Phillips was more cautious on the series's future.

"The only announced project we have right now is inSane. I think, depending on, of course, review scores and on sales of Saints Row: The Third, you can logically assume there might be future projects in that franchise," he said, speaking to us as part of a phone interview this evening.

"We'll see. There's nothing I can say, but I think everyone can assume what will happen based on the success of Saints Row: The Third."

As Phillips mentioned, the only other announced project coming from Volition is inSane, the 2013 horror collaboration with director Guillermo Del Toro. He admitted he hadn't seen too much of it due to being on another floor within the Volition building, but dropped a small hint.

"I don't know," was his answer when asked when we'd start seeing more on it.

"We have two floors in the building, and they're on the other floor, so I don't get to see what they're doing too often. I get to see concept art, that's for sure, and I think the concept's art looking fantastic," Phillips added, before THQ PR interrupted and cut us off on the topic.

See the full interview with Phillips for Saints Row: The Third's European release on Friday. The game's out on PS3, 360 and PC.

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