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2K has soft-launched an unannounced mobile game called XCOM Legends

Out of nowhere, 2K has launched XCOM Legends – a previously unannounced mobile game that is now available in early access for some territories.

The game is developed by Iridium Starfish, a Californian studio that is linked to Take-Two Interactive Software, the parent company of 2K, according to Eurogamer.

"We are constantly exploring and testing new experiences to offer our fans the best entertainment and value," 2K said in a statement to the site. "Iridium Starfish has soft-launched XCOM Legends in limited territories, but we have no further information to share at this time."

Check out some gameplay of this surprise XCOM game below, courtesy of the Youtube channel Android IOS Cabogame.

In keeping with the XCOM series, the game is a squad-based RPG that features a wave-based campaign mode and PVP battles that you can compete in with a team of up to five characters, and largely revolves around repelling an alien invasion as humanity's last stand.

You can unlock legendary heroes to use in battles, and you'll be able to unlock more characters and rewards the more you play.

XCOM Legends is available in early access on the Google Play store, though only in certain territories.

A blurb for the game reads:

"Liberate the Earth in XCOM Legends, a brand new mobile turn-based RPG! Assume control of XCOM, one of the last resistance groups on the planet, and lead the charge to take back Earth from the tyrannical alien invaders known as ADVENT.

"20 years have passed since Earth surrendered to the alien invaders. By the time we realized the alien threat, the war was already over and humanity was lost. To exterminate the last of the resistance fighters, the aliens have unleashed an untold, ancient evil.

"We now need your help once again, Commander, to assemble XCOM's greatest warriors, both past and present and take back Earth. Are you ready?"

There’s no information on whether XCOM: Legends will launch worldwide, neither is there a date for its general launch.


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