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XCOM: Enemy Unknown has the "DNA" of the original games

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a direct descendent of the 1990's classics, according to lead designer Jake Solomon.

"If you play the game - it's definitely XCOM. It's just a new XCOM," Solomon told Kotaku.

"I do think that like if you look at screenshots of the original X-COM, next to ours, you would see that sort of lineage there.

"You'd see the sort of DNA, because we've still got the top-down view of the soldiers, and a lot of the fact that it's turn-based... certainly there are changes and this is kind of our own game, but definitely if you look at the two side by side, a fan of the original could play our game because we are fans of the original."

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is due this year on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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