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Xbox Game Pass November line up: Vampire Survivors, Monkey Island, and Football Manager 2023 steal the show

A good mix of adventure, narrative journeys, and action fill up the November Game Pass games

We’ve made it past the spooky months and into November, which means we’ve just gotten a look at the new line-up of games in the November Game Pass. Stars of the show include Vampire Survivors, Football Manager 2023, and Return to Monkey Island, although the whole spread looks pretty tasty.

With the majority of titles set up to release later in the month, subscribers on PC and console will be able to explore a diverse collection of different games, of a variety of genres and aesthetics. It’s well worth a look!

The good folk at RockPaperShotgun had a lovely check with Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert. Give it a look!

There are three games available to download right now. The Legend of Tianding is available on Cloud, console and PC; it’s a Beat’em Up set in 20th century Taiwan as you explore a country occupied by Imperial Japan.

You’ve also got The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and The Walking Dead: Michonne — The Complete Season, both available for PC and that puts you in the shoes of survivors as they attempt to persist through a ruined world packed with undead.

As for what’s coming soon, Ghost Song is just around the corner with a November 3 release. Downloadable on console and PC, the game is a cosmic horror 2D adventure title, and forces you to explore the desolate moon or Lorain in order to survive.

There’s also a big game present for football fans out there. Both Football Manager 2023 and Football Manager 2023 console edition are headed to Game Pass on November 8. In it, you can manage a contemporary roster of football players in your own club, with all the hurdles and challenges that comes with.

Help these lads win a trophy, or something.

On the same day, Return to Monkey Island makes a splash and docks up on November’s Game Pass line-up. A new entry in a legendary narrative series of games, and a must play for those who like a bit of humour in their lives.

Vampire Survivors haunts blasts through the Game Pass Line-up halfway through the month starting November 10. Available on console, this is an action-packed top down retro game with a lot of love poured into it, which I’m sure you’ll notice as you fight off thousands of monsters. Good luck!

If you’re looking for something with a bit of emotional punch, Pentiment is a great bet when it drops on November 15. Created by Obsidian and Xbox Game Studios, you find yourself in a world styled after manuscripts and woodcuts. As an artist in that time, you need to navigate a European world in turmoil, but be sure to choose carefully.

Finally, on November 15 we have Somerville. Launching day one on Game Pass, you find yourself in a sci-fi world where you must navigate a post-invasion world filled with destruction and horror and trac down members of your family. Another narrative title, and a adventure to embark on this month.

What do you think of this month’s Xbox Game Pass games? Is November looking like a good year? Let us know below!

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