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Xbox exclusive rumor suggests Nintendo Switch is getting 2023's Game of the Year

No, it's not Starfield.

There are some heavy rumours floating around that suggest VG247's own Game of the Year, Hi-Fi Rush, could be making the jump from Xbox to Nintendo Switch.

Last week, YouTuber NatetheHate shared on his podcast that he believes a big Xbox exclusive should be making its way to one of the console's competitors some time in 2024. "The title I am referring to was met with high critical acclaim, fans loved it, it was in the GOTY conversation the year it released," NatetheHate shared. "When the announcement comes I think it's going to be met with a lot of excitement because this is a quality game." Later on in the podcast he slightly expanded on this, saying, "Yes, Microsoft will be dabbling in bringing a 1st party game to a competitor platform in 2024. At least one game, I know of one, don't know if there will be additional."

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A number of fans believed that the game in question could be the Bethesda published and Tango Gameworks developed surprise hit Hi-Fi Rush, released right at the start of 2023. This was supported by Resetera user lolilolailo, who responded to a user saying "Hi-Fi Rush available on [Nintendo Switch], I'll bet," by saying "And you'll win." Lolilolailo has previously accurately shared details to do with previous Xbox games, like with Persona being available on Game Pass.

Windows Central also backed up the claims that Microsoft is considering bringing its games to other platforms, with Jez Corden writing that "it has been suggested to me from very trusted, proven sources that Microsoft has been exploring bringing some of its back catalogue to other platforms, although some of the details remain vague and unconfirmed."

It certainly wouldn't be a bad thing if Hi-Fi Rush came to Switch, considering it's so good that we made it our Game of the Year (well, one of them anyway). Hi-Fi Rush makes a lot of sense to port too, it's not a system seller like Starfield, but bringing it to other platforms is a good way to bring in a bigger audience later in its life. Of course, these are all just rumours right now, so make sure to take it with that age old pinch of salt.

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