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Here's around 50 minutes of raw World War 3 gameplay

World War 3 developer Farm 51 promised info and gameplay blowout at gamescom, and it has certainly delivered.

We got the first World War 3 gameplay trailer before the show kicked off, but now that people are actually playing the game, plenty of footage has made its way online.

We've been watching these videos, too, and we thought we'd do a round-up of some of the best ones available online. It'll become immediately clear why World War 3 is getting compared to Battlefield 4 when you start watching.

The modern setting, menus, UI, and even some of the visual effects are very reminiscent of Battlefield 4. The most common point of reference is Battlefield 4's Siege of Shanghai map, particularly because of the muted colours and explosion and smoke effects.

World War 3, at least in its current state, is a much darker and more drab looking game than Battlefield 4, but there's no denying where the game takes inspiration from. But it's not just Battlefield, either, there are certainly some light-ARMA in there with the more realistic approach to weapons and recoil.

The first video, from Gamespot, offers the most comprehensive look yet at the map, the different weapons, and the killstreaks available. There are no distinct classes in World War 3, and all players seem to be starting with three (!) weapons, two primaries and another special.

The footage also highlights the spawn camping problem currently in the build, and it's honestly disheartening to see. If you manage to get past that, there's quiet a bit of varied gameplay waiting for you. There's a decent chunk of vehicle action as well, and we even get to see loadouts for both attackers and defenders.

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All footage captured at the show is from the Warzone game mode. LevelCap's video below offers a similar look at the game, albeit with more of a close quarters focus. The YouTuber also manages to give us a look at a couple of the interiors in the map.

Time to kill is another touchy subject for many, but it appears to be in line with games like Battlefield 3, if not a bit lower. Frame-rate doesn't look stable, though, with multiple drops below 60. LevelCap's video even has a few stutters - definitely early days.

It's also more apparent here than in any other video how hard it can be to spot enemies amidst all of the grey/black environment.

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Finally, for those into sniping, Stodeh has footage of pure sniper rifle gameplay. Most of the kills are long range, with the T5000 being their weapon of choice.

It looks like most enemies go down in one shot, which you may or may not be a fan of depending on how you typically feel about OHKs in shooters.

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World War 3 is coming to Steam Early Access this fall.

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