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Watch the first World War 3 gameplay footage

As promised, the Farm 51 has given us a look at gameplay from World War 3 in an impressive new trailer.

In celebration of gamescom 2018, which starts tomorrow, the Farm 51 has dropped the first World War 3 gameplay. The new trailer is packed with footage captured in-game, which you can watch below.

The trailer shows Battlefield-style combined arms combat. Even in this alpha state, World War 3 appears to have several movement and gunplay mechanics seen in bigger games.

What you're looking at is Warzone gameplay, which seems to resemble Battlefield's conquest in some ways. Battlefield inspirations also extend to team and squad menus and colours, though there's a lot more going on here than your typical Battlefield game.

The Farm 51 previously said World War 3 features a very authentic "bullet vs. armour system", and you can see how the different soldiers have different armour setups, which will no doubt play a role in combat.

There's obviously vehicle gameplay involving tanks, and APCs. The bottom of the HUD shows scorestreaks-like call-ins, one of which appears to be a guided missile.

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Today's trailer sadly doesn't include a release date, but World War 3 is still on track for a fall release on Steam through Early Access. The game is playable at gamescom this week, and PAX West next week.

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