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World War 3's biggest update brings new maps, weapons and lots of performance improvements

Farm 51's World War 3 has received a massive update to add some fresh content, and fix an array of problems.

World War 3, in case you missed it, launched last year into Steam Early Access. The game offers a more realistic take on the combined arms action popularised by Battlefield, though it has a few of its own unique twists.

The game faced numerous problems at launch and beyond, but has been improving steadily since then. This week, update 0.6 went live, adding two new maps, two weapons, four vehicles, and a few pieces of cosmetics.

Patch 0.6 also comes with a number of performance improvements that should make World War 3 run smoother across the board. It's not slim on new features, either, and you can look forward to an updated spotting system, in-game VOIP, and the arrival of the server browser.

If you're curious, World War 3 is currently 40% off on Steam - until Monday - as part of the Steam Post-Apocalyptic Weekend.

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