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What does this Sunset Overdrive puzzle lead to?

A mysterious trail of clues related to Sunset Overdrive has popped up on the Internet.


This strange Sunset Overdrive tweet appeared on the official Xbox account over the weekend:

The linked video, which you can watch below, is interrupted by a burst of morse code:

According to Joystiq's translation of the code, it points to this page.

The page includes some flavour text inviting the viewer to help uncover the secrets of the dirty FizzCo corporation, and a string of numbers.

We don't know what they mean, but here they are. Any ideas?

9:20, 4:45, 5:76, 8:32, 1:73, 5:32, 8:80, 9:20, 1:31, 9:1, 6:60, 8:85, 4:100, 2:21, 6:79, 2:46, 9:31, 6:43.

It's likely whoever solves this will net themselves some cool prizes, as per Microsoft's past AR game promotions.

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