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Sunset Overdrive is coming to Steam and Windows Store today

After weeks of leaks and anticipation, Sunset Overdrive has finally been confirmed for PC.

Insomniac Games has officially announced that Sunset Overdrive is coming to PC today. The game will be available through the Windows Store, and on Steam.

Listings for the game have yet to go live on either store, however, so we're not yet sure about details such as price, or whether the port will feature tailor-made upgrades for PC like unlocked frame-rate.

The PC launch trailer is really just the Xbox One trailer with a Windows logo at the end, which could be a sign that we're looking at a straight port. Nevertheless, Sunset Overdrive remains one of the best exclusives on Xbox One and it's great to see more people having access to it.

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In case you've somehow missed this open secret, Sunset Overdrive's PC version was initially outed by the Korean rating board, before the ESRB published a rating of its own. Soon after, references to the game were found on Steam's store database.

Sunset Overdrive is part of Xbox Game Pass, and it was even given freely as part of Games with Gold in 2016.

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