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We're streaming Layers of Fear, come help us navigate this definitely haunted house

We're going to take a tour of the Layers of Fear house, which has been known to show signs of being haunted.

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Layers of the Fear, one of the most talked about horror games of last year, has a few a good few jump scares if you're in the mood for it. I personally can't take it, which is why it's good we have Shabana to host this livestream instead.

Layers of Fear's walls are plastered with artworks of various disciplines, only they've got a few things going on than your typical portrait.

She'll be starting off the adventure live in a few moments. This is her first go around in Layers of Fear, so be gentle. She's also playing the PS4 version.

Tune in now, and make sure to come back later this week, as we'll be embarking on a different kind of horror adventure.

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