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Weekly MMO news round-up: WoW on iPhone, Spellborn launches, MMO birthdays

lineageii Loads of goings on in the world of MMOs, as usual. Let us make sense of it for you.

This week was filled with birthday celebrations for four different MMOs: Lineage II, LOTRO, City of Heroes, and Guild Wars. Good job guys.

Other stuff happened too ya know, and it's all broken down for you after the break.

  • This past Tuesday, server maintenance for Atlantica Online was extended several times. To thank customers for being so patient, Ndoors will give players 150 percent of their normal experience when hunting monsters until Sunday, April 26. So get to hacking away. Also, as an added "sorry" gift, all logged-in players receive an Artisan's Cube which gives you the choice of Skill Decrease Books, Waters of Life, Growth Vials, Secret Vials of Potential, or several scrolls.
  • City of Heroes turns five on Tuesday, and while NCsoft is keeping mum about what's in store for players, it's revealed enough to get your interest piqued. Supposedly, you will be able to to earn merits, badges, XP and "familiar faces" will be hanging out on the Training Room Test Server. Also, all Hell - or chaos as it was put - will break loose on April 28 so be sure to log in.
  • Square Enix has reported that Final Fantasy XI Online has over two million active characters online across all worlds. Game's been live since 2002, can boast four expansions, an add-on scenario and "two more in the pipes". Good show then.
  • Acclaim has launched The Chronicles of Spellborn in North America and premium subscriptions are free till May 7. After that, you will have to pay in the usual manner for the content. Free service is available in three different areas of the game, but to progress past a certain level you have to pay.
  • Apparently you can soon play World of Warcraft on the iPhone, thanks to the VolleeX engine. At least that is what a video from the firm Vollee  shows. The company has entered into a partnership with ActiBliz to make this possible, and I guess the proof is the pudding as they say. Watch the video yourself. Thanks, Roybott.
  • Lord of the Rings turned two this month, and while we have already told you about that, what we didn't mention is that Book 8's currently in development. Also, before the end of the year, it looks like we will finally be visiting Mirkwood, Dwarves and Elves are going to make sure players  return to Moria,  skirmishes are being implemented, and another level cap is expected. The more Tolkien the better we say. More on Massively.
  • EverQuest II players will soon be able to write their own books in-game. One of the features for GU52, players will also be able to distribuet their writen material throughout Norrath. Books can be held in your inventory, in your house or guild hall. More through here.
  • MMORPG has two new exclusive screenshots for post apocalyptic Fallen Earth. You should really go take a look.
  • Rise of the Tomb Kings is the third and final chapter in the Call to Arms event for Warhammer Online. When ended, expect the Land of the Dead dungeon to keep you busy come June. Rise of the Tomb Kings will pit Order against Destruction in a race to gain access to the Land of the Dead with the successful faction getting access to the dungeon June 2. That's a full day earlier than anyone else on the same server. Also, players who complete all ten Tome challenges receive the exclusive titles  "Sky Captain" for Order, and "Master of the Air" for Destruction. Some may even receive the very rare Ravening Cloak as a reward. WAAAGH!
  • Lineage II also turns five soon, so from April 28 to May 5, monsters in the lands of Aden and Gracia will be carrying special items engraved with the letters A, C, E, G, I, L, N, R, S, Y, 5, and II. Players are to collect the letters to spell out the words: LINEAGE II, GRACIA, and 5YEARS. Turn 'em into an Event Manager in one of the villages, and you can win something cool. To find out what exactly, checkout the official website.

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